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Quality You Can Rely On

We’re Eco-AC, and we’re proud to be innovators of the highest standard air conditioners. We used our own imagination and turned it into reality. Through non-stop diligent work, our company has become a persevering Air Conditioning Manufacturer and much more. We think through every idea and try to find ways to benefit the customers and ourselves. Please have a look through our products and contact us for any questions or feedback!

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Tower bladeless fan

Made of recycled plastic, this fan is sleek and stylish. It can be used in any room. It is excellent for reducing carbon emissions and maintaining a cool environment. 

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This Air conditioner is portable, allowing you to bring it along with you wherever you go especially outdoors. The solar powered factor to it allows easy access to electricity. For anyone that wants to travel, save on electricity, or just want to have a great cooling system!

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Portable bladeless fan

This sleek and small portable bladeless fan can accompany you wherever you go. You can charge it before you leave and have ten hours of cool and refreshing air!

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